Gift Bags 

We love getting together to stuff bags for the patients at Winship Cancer Institute- Emory University, St. Joe's location. This is where our moms receive treatment too! Each goody bag includes a handmade card, a smiley stress ball, an activity book, pretzels, tissues... and of course, a LOT of chocolate! We love making tons of bags, because we know how much they mean to the patients. We have delivered hundreds of bags, and we have delivered hundreds of SMILES. :)




We have developed a partnership with our school and held the first ever SMLES for cancer kindergarten service project! The kindergarten families donated items for our goody bags. We worked with the students to make a handmade handkerchief with a little handprint angel. One was included in each bag that the students packed. Our moms hand delivered the bags to the patients. They said they were so touched! They could feel the love that was poured into each bag! We can't wait to continue working with the kindergarten classes each year!



Here at Smiles for cancer, Inc. we are running monthly prayer groups, continuing to pack and deliver goody bags for patients receiving treatments, preparing for a big fall-themed event, and working hard in 9th grade, 8th grade, 7th grade, and 4th grade. Oh yeah, we still have all our sports and activities too! We even added more this year. Did we mention that our moms have to do a bunch of stuff for us, while they fit in their appointments and treatments? They rock! We are adding more events ! Stay-tuned!