Joelle Miller: Hi! Most people call me JoJo. I am 16 and a junior in high school. I love school, especially studying math and science. I hope to attend medical school someday. Outside of academics, I love to play soccer and run cross country and track. I am passionate about helping families going through a cancer diagnosis. 


Neva Miller: Hi, I am Neva. I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. My favorite subjects are science, literature, and math! I love to write poetry and I love nature, including all things biology. Someday I hope to put my love for science to good use and help discover the cure for cancer. Outside of school, I love to play soccer and run cross country.

Miller Kids
Miller Kids
Daumeyer Kids

PJ Miller: Hi, I am 12, in sixth grade, and my name is PJ! My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was in kindergarten. I love math, science, and computers! I hope to combine my love of science and computers someday, and use that to help find a cure for cancer. I also love to play football! 

Evie Daumeyer: Hi! My name's Evie! I'm 16 and in 11th grade. I love to run cross country and track, play music, surf, and play with my dog. I also love to make people laugh! I hope to use my talents to contribute to finding a cure for cancer. 

Joe Daumeyer: Hey!! My name is Joe. I am 14. My favorite sport is cross country. I like drawing, reading, and math. My mom is the most inspiring person in the world to me. I think it's sad when people have cancer and I am doing what I can to help stop it.

Rosemary Daumeyer: Hi! I am Rosemary, but my nickname is Peachy. I am in 6th grade. I love to run, play tennis, and spend time in nature. My favorite thing to do with my mom is gardening. I do not want more people to suffer with cancer so I hope to help find a cure.