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Joelle: Hi! Most people call me JoJo. I am 17 and a rising senior in high school. I love school, especially studying math and science. Outside of academics, I love to play soccer and flag football, and run track. I hope to attend medical school and use my passion for chemistry to support cancer research.

Evie: Hi! My name's Evie! I'm 17 and in 12th grade. I love to run cross country and track. Some of my other hobbies are playing music and reading! Biology and medicine fascinate me, and I'd like to study pediatric oncology in the future in order to serve the youngest community of cancer patients.


Neva: Hi, I am Neva. I am 16 and a rising junior in high school. My favorite subjects are science, literature, and math! I love to write poetry and I love nature, including all things biology. Someday I hope to put my love for science to good use and help discover the cure for cancer. Outside of school, I love to play soccer and run track.

Joe: Hey!! My name is Joe. I am 15. My favorite sport is cross country. I like drawing, reading, and math. My mom is the most inspiring person in the world to me. I think it's sad when people have cancer and I am doing what I can to help stop it.


PJ: Hi, I am 12, a rising seventh grader, and my name is PJ! My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was in kindergarten. I love math, science, and computers! I hope to combine my love of science and computers someday, and use that to help find a cure for cancer. I also love to play football! 

Rosemary: Hi! I am Rosemary, but my nickname is Peachy. I am in 7th grade. I love to run, play tennis, and spend time in nature. My favorite thing to do with my mom is gardening. I do not want more people to suffer with cancer so I hope to help find a cure.